#393 - Mail-Right Show: Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Excited About Threads

July 20, 2023 00:33:57
#393 - Mail-Right Show: Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Excited About Threads
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#393 - Mail-Right Show: Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Excited About Threads

Jul 20 2023 | 00:33:57


Show Notes

Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Excited About Meta Threads

Discover why real estate agents should jump with joy over Meta Threads in this podcast. Learn how this revolutionary platform streamlines the entire home-buying process, saving you time and maximizing your profits. From seamless communication to advanced data analytics, Meta Threads has everything you need to elevate your real estate game. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity.


Threads Intro

What is Threads by Instagram?

Threads Features and Highlights

How to Download Threads (Android/iOS)

Create Threads Account Without Instagram


Instagram Tip & Insights


General stuff Photos or video of 1 minute or less

Reals 15 and 30 sec videos a bit like Tiktok or Shorts for grown ups

You need to give quick tips and insights on the market at the same time you showing homes that you marketing for yourself or open houses


Videos that die after 24 hours | back stage insights may the views that they are the inside team.


Archive a place for past testimonials (images) and properties that you have sold in the last 12 months.


Evergreen type content

Live ( 4 hours max )

News and Q&A


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