#437 - The Mail-Right Show: Do You Want More Quality Leads Then You Need To Use Video 2024

July 02, 2024 00:43:50
#437 - The Mail-Right Show: Do You Want More Quality Leads Then You Need To Use Video  2024
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#437 - The Mail-Right Show: Do You Want More Quality Leads Then You Need To Use Video 2024

Jul 02 2024 | 00:43:50


Show Notes

Looking for better real estate leads in 2024? Video is the answer! Unleash the power of video marketing to capture high-quality prospects and drive growth.

Unlock the secrets to generating high-quality real estate leads in 2024 by leveraging the power of video marketing. Discover how incorporating video into your strategy can revolutionize your lead generation efforts and drive unparalleled growth for your business. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Watch our show now to learn why video is essential for success in the real estate industry.


#1—What are some of the key things that agents need to know about using video effectively to get quality leads in 2024?

#2—What are some of the best video production tools that agents should look at in 2024

- a - Canva

- b - Runway

- c - Descript

- d - DaVinci Resolve or iMovie

#3— What are 2 to 3 types of videos that work really well in generating quality leads?

#4 - How will AI change video in the next 18 months?





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